Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bayeux Cuffs, sewing and chook update

They Bayeux stitch cuffs are done!  Talk about way more hours of work than I anticipated.  But they are totally cool and I love them.  I could even imagine a modern jacket with these scattered around it.  They are for a pink linen dress.   I'm not going to do the neckline because I will likely wear a veil with this gown most of the time and it wouldn't be seen anyway.  It was difficult to figure out which was my favourite but I do think the blue winged horse may win.  The centre winged cat things were fussy to stitch.  The white didn't cover as well as some of the other colours. It and the orange colour seemed just a tad thinner than the rest.  The blue horse went smoothly and well, it's blue.

The first apron is almost done.  It's called a gathering apron because the bottom ends and centre will tie to the waistband, making a pouch to hold things.  This will be very useful.  I tend to pop out to the garden and need something to put beans or tomatoes in, but have nothing handy.  I used to use the wooden fruit baskets but now that they're made of cardboard, they aren't sturdy enough.   I've got more t-shirts with marks on the hems because I've tugged them around to hold whatever I just harvested because I didn't have a bowl big enough or a sturdy trug or basket handy.    This one still needs the buttons on the pockets.  It needs to be shortened a tad.  The model is about 6 or 7 inches taller than me.  Plus I need to make the button holes for the lacing to go through.  I will wait to do the button holes until the second apron is done.  My main sewing machine has a difficult to set up buttonhole stitch.  I usually have to set up my emergency sewing machine, which has an easy, very good button hole foot.

The purple yarn for the Sheep to Shawl warp is ready to be plied.  It looks the exact same as the last photo, but the bobbin is full!

The chooks have ramped up their egg laying!  Just over a week ago we were getting 2 -3 eggs a day with 4 on occasion.  This past week it went up to 4, then 5 and for a couple of days, 7 eggs a day.   It does decrease with the cooler weather so I imagine this blustery spell will drop back down a couple.  I thought they might have been traumatized by the massive melting we had.  With the ground still frozen, water poured through the chicken coop.  Luckily it only got the edges and left the centre dry.  The girls didn't seem to care, one way or the other.


Woolly Bits said...

hehe, I thought I am the only gardener who stuffs pickings into the edge of the shirt etc.:)) esp. bad when you drop something and squash a ripe tomato in the "pouch"....
I'd go for the blue horse, too - pretty, though maybe I'd do one in purple:))

Leigh said...

The embroidery is absolutely fantastic. I love the gathering apron! That's exactly what I need, though my problem is usually broken eggs in my pockets :) Glad to hear your girls are laying better for you. Love those fresh eggs!