Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Totally Cool....

March is going out like a Lion.. Our mild weather has vanished and it's darned cool now.. maybe even cold.   It's snowing...  It started last night and it's still falling.   If I'd been smart, I would have shovelled the deck and a path to the chicken coop this morning, while it was still fresh and only 5 inches deep.  It was very wet and heavy though.  Instead I waited until this afternoon.  It's now packed and dense..  6 -8 inches of hard snow that I couldn't shovel if I wanted to.  I waded out to check the chooks.  They don't care.  They were just thrilled to get some of last night's left over spaghetti noodles. They didn't care that my jeans were wet to mid-calf because I wandered through a drift or that I was going to have to thaw out my mitts... They just  like noodles!  A lot!  Not as much as tomatoes or strawberries though.

So I spent some time gawking at websites this afternoon when I was supposed to be working on handouts and dyeing some samples for a class.   I found a pattern for these..  Socks with untranslated text from Beowulf.  How totally cool is that?    The pattern is from  The Sanguine Gryphon  .   They have lots of other cool patterns, kits and yarns.  Not affiliated.. yada yada... I just think their stuff is way cool!   

It sure beats looking out the window at the still falling snow. 


suzibee said...

I love those socks!!!

Leslie's stuff said...

Thanks for the web site!!!