Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Slowly but surely

It is hot for this area.  We've had day after day of very warm weather, with no rain for relief.  If this were our normal weather, we'd probably want A/C, but right now, we've got a trusty fan, which blows the hot air around.   The ground is rock hard and weeding has been next to impossible.

While it's been a bit on the warm side for spinning and working with wool, I did get most of two bobbins plied early one morning.   Now to just finishing winding it off on to the niddy noddy.   This is half of what is on the jumbo bobbin and I'll finish it up when if it cools down this evening.

I dug up part of the garlic this morning.   It's out drying.  I decided to wait a bit to dig up the other half of the garlic bed.  While the first row of garlic was mainly comprised of large, full heads, the second row was a bit smaller.  I'll wait another week or so to dig up the rest.

 The colourwork sock is coming along.  I'm almost ready to do the toe.   The yarn is Scheepjes Invicta Sock and it has been a joy to knit with.   It has a fair bit of sproing factor to it, which really helps with the fitting.  It is easy to knit, wasn't very splitty (when the yarn seems to split and get caught on the needles when taking a stitch) and is relatively inexpensive.   It doesn't come in pink though :(   I've learned and relearned a bit about stranded knitting too.   The difference between a sweater and a sock is a bit more than I anticipated, simply because of the size I think.  If I'd kntted it any tighter and the yarn didn't have a bit of sproing to it, I don't think that this oen would have fit.  However it does, nicely, so I'm happy with the results - upside down pattern and all.


Truly said...

the sock photo looks a little scary

Sharon said...

It's still not July hot here and July is almost gone. I finally got a half dozen patio tomatoes today! I've never had a summer without some hot days - kinda spooky.