Monday, 21 November 2011

Some spinning , knitting and a trip to Kingston

Last week I vistited my friend Suzi, who is also a spinner.   I took my Mazurka spinning wheel and we sat around for a fun few hours, spinning and eating warm cinnamon buns, just pulled from the oven.   They were made with whole wheat flour, so we deemed them healthy for the morning!  I dug up a bit of roving that I dyed last year to play with.   It's spinning up beautifully and the deep blue is quite entrancing.   Of course I've put the rest of the roving away properly and can't find it for anything right now.  Most frustrating because obviously, there is someplace I've  hidden miles of gorgeous blue dyed roving!

I finished the mittens on Sunday.  I imagine these will be sturdy and strong.  I don't find them scratchy or harsh, but they certainly don't feel soft or delicate.  The Clun Forest is a down breed, known for it's strong, springy fibre.  I'm pretty sure these mitts would be able to take some machine washing without felting.  They're that sturdy.

windfarm in the fading light
We went to Kingston for the weekend.   We headed out first thing Friday morning and got to the city in time to do a bit of a driving tour and a quick walk by the lake.  The wind was pretty ferocious by the shoreline and it was cold.  We didn't last very long, but it was so nice to be out of the truck and walking.   There is a huge wind farm across the bay, but the light was fading and since my mittens were still not quite finished, my hands were too cold to be fiddling around with the camera for too long.
Murney Martello Tower

The sun over the lake was gorgeous though.  Actually the city of Kingston is particularly beautiful, with old stone houses everywhere, a restored Fort Henry, Fort Fredrick and Murney Martello Tower.  Unfortunately, it was the off season and they were all closed or we may have lingered on Sunday.  I was promised however, a trip to the area again in the spring or summer, in order to indulge in historical sight seeing!

I did manage to play around with a few different settings to try to capture the sunset.   There have been few enough sunsets at home of late.  The heavy, dark grey skies, just haven't been photo worthy back home.   These two were my favourites.

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Leigh said...

Beautiful sunset. Interesting construction of the tower. I love historic sites. Beautiful blue yarn spinning up. Lovely color. I have to ask how you're going to keep those lovely white mittens clean!