Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend achievements

I almost ripped out that Clun Forest Mitten.  It's not nearly as soft as my usual mitten yarn is.   However, I realized that I wanted these to use in the barn.   The Clun Forest yarn will be hard wearing and durable.  I may dye them because white is really not a barn colour!  If I'm feeling energetic, I may knit up a second pair of mitts for myself, just for "pretty". Then I can wear the pretty mittens when I go to town.

I also finished up the quilt top.   It's just shy of a twin size, which should be a good size to practice machine quilting with and still be useful.   Lots of resources recommend not using a large quilt to learn machine quilting.   I'm not sure if using the treadle to quilt with, will change the learning curve at all.  Technology is sometimes quite cool and there is now a quilt basting spray: a temporary, water soluble adhesive which glues the 3 layers together so that no pins or basting stitches are needed.   While in the past, I'd have been dead set against this sort of short cut, I've purchased a tin of the spray because I just can't figure out where I'd actually be able to stretch out the quilt in order to hand baste.   I used to either tape the backing to the floor, then layer and baste or just set up a huge quilt frame, stitching the backing down first and then layering and basting.  I no longer have the quilt frame and taping to the floor just no longer seems feasible with our small rooms and carpeting.  Admittedly, crawling around on the floor to baste a quilt no longer really sounds like fun, so I'm giving the basting spray a shot.

Yep, more grey fibre spinning.  Grey like today's sky.  I think I need to spin something sunny, just as an interlude.

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Leigh said...

The quilt is spectacular! Interesting about the basting spray. What will they think of next? Your mittens look nice and toasty too. Agreed white is not a barn color, I know from experience!