Friday, 13 January 2012

It Feels Like Winter Projects...

Winter is back and today is a cold, snowy , blustery day.  It's white out there and I have found myself craving colours of summer.   Of course this is what I've been doing lately..

 More log cabin... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - switch shuttle order.. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, - switch shuttle order.  I'm getting a wee might tired of counting to 10!  I'm on tea towel number 4 - let the countdown begin.  At least that is starting from 10 backwards.
I also think that perhaps using the soft khaki brown/green colour was a bad choice for this time of year.  It should have been daffodil yellow or rose pink or geranium red or summer sky blue....

 The reincarnation of the cabled hat.  It's a plain ribbed hat.  It was easy to knit although it took  more yarn than I'd anticipated as I tightened up the tension a bit so that it would be warmer.  It fits.. yay.. and yes, it's toasty warm.  It's also very comfortable to wear, which is a bonus.  I'd have to say it's not horribly stylish or even that attractive, but it serves its purpose.  Even better is that since today winter came back, it's finished and I can wear it out to feed the chooks!   Notice the lovely grey colour though.  ugh... goes with everything I own, might get confused with one of my son's hats since it's the same colour although different style and  the dull grey blends in with the skies this time of year.  Did I mention it's comfortable to wear?  That's why it's staying just as it is.

I'm working on the second bobbin of the South African Merino blend top.   It's lovely to spin.  It's making really nice yarn singles and I am chomping at the bit to ply it up to see a finished product.

I think  that maybe the next fibre I spin, should be dyed first.   I have noticed though, that I much prefer spinning naturally colour fibres than previously dyed fibres.  At least there is a hockey game tomorrow night and that is prime spinning time!  


Leigh said...

Oh yes, the cap looks very toasty! Winter has finally arrived here as well, so there's no going out without a cap!

Interesting observation about yarn color choice and the season. Enough dull drab is enough?

Woolly Bits said...

I agree, I prefer colour just now - no wonder with all the greys and non-colours outside! we don't have snow (but some in the forecast fuer end of next week...), but even the blue sky isn't a strong colour just now, all this washed out very light blue. love the log cabin though, might not be colourful, but it looks elegant to me! and a hat that's stylish but not comfy to wear is no good to anyone! I'd go with comfort above style anytime:))

Sharon said...

I do love log cabin though I've done it so much, I really need to move onto other weave structures. I really need to move on to any weave structure. I have neked looms :(

I think that hat it wonderful. I've struggled with ribs and yours looks effortless.

Cynthia said...

I just found your post about weaving wickelbander & would love to talk to you about details -- I am planning some right now. How long are yours? What yarn did you use, and what sett? I'm planning 4 yds each, of 2/24 worsted sett at 30 epi, which I think puts me right in the ballpark for extant fragments ... but I'd love some confirmation that this will actually work out.

Can't find an email address for you so I hope posting like this is okay.