Monday, 20 February 2012

End of February Projects

 The woollen spun yarn has been plied and wet finished.  I was thrilled to have 300 yards of balanced yarn.  It's awfully poofy and thick though.  If  I don't use it for the dyeing part of the class, I'm sure the only thing it would be good for is a really thick pair of mitts or a hat.  It's fairly soft, thanks to the long draw.  It's a medium grade commercial blend, so no particular breed.  It's beautifully prepared though, lovely to spin and inexpensive. 

I've been wanting to knit up a new pair of socks.  I've waffled over the pattern choices, wanting something interesting but not horribly dependent on a fussy pattern chart.  I finally decided to try an easy but new technique.  I reminded myself that I've frogged enough half socks because of fit or design before that one more time wouldn't make a difference.  I chose a Kroy black and a Kroy self striping, which had knitted up into nice enough but not spectacular stripey socks.  I started knitting a slip stitch technique, which knits up almost as quickly as plain knit, but certainly doesn't look like plain knit socks!  I'd forgotten why I don't tend to purchase Kroy sock yarn anymore though.  It's very springy and thick, compared to most of the yarns that I use.  It feels so much bouncier than some of the recent pairs of socks I've knitted and the fabric feels quite thick.  However, for  a fast knit, it's awesome.  While I have other yarns on my favourite to knit socks with, I know that Kroy socks are comfortable and incredibly durable.

Today was Family Day: a newish holiday put onto the calendar to break up the stretch between Christmas and Easter.   I'm not complaining about another holiday.  Three day weekends are  always nice to have.  It was a beautiful, mainly sunshiney day, so we headed out for a drive.   Our first stop was St. Mary's.  It's a pretty town and has the advantage of having a large independent craft store and a rather nice candlemaking supplier.  Of course being a holiday both were closed and my last minute whim of getting votive and tealight wicks, which I've needed for ages, got put on hold.   After a quick lunch, I was given the choice of a walk in the park or a trip to the antique mall.  At that exact moment, a rather cold breeze picked up and I chose the antique mall.  It was their winter sale and because all prices were up to 50% off, the place was packed.   I absolutely love glass bottles, reamers and oil lamps.   These two were on sale for 30% and 35% off, and they were inexpensive, as far as oil lamps go, in the first place.  The one on the right was only $20 and the one on the right only slightly more, but it screamed to come home with me!  I'll have to get wicks for those two as well as a third, to make them fully operational.  We have one which is wicked, fueled and ready to go in a power failure or ambiance emergency.

One day soon, I'll show the current warp going on the loom.  It's unexciting, plain old natural 2/8 cotton right now, so dull and boring.  Once I get weaving though, there will be a little more photogenic.  Next project will be either doubleweave, overshot or huck.   I'll have to admit that overshot is starting to win, but I've stopped thinking and planning because well, this warp is still only getting threaded into the heddles and I'm putting the cart before the horse as far as projects go.



Suzibee said...

I love the style of those old oil lamps. Nice find.

Leigh said...

The lamps are beautiful! Great find. I love the socks too. There is so many neat things that can be done with self-striping yarns. Your idea looks super.