Sunday, 26 February 2012


 The loom is finally dressed!  I'll have to say that I took my sweet time on this project.  It's another run of tea towels.  I threaded the loom in a simple straight twill, planning on using treadlings, in the spirit of a sampler.  I'm currently planning to do each towel in a different treadling, unless of course a design catches my fancy and I may do two like that.  The first is a simple, two colour basket weave.  I'm pretty sure that there will only be one of these.  While the basket weave makes a nice pattern, I find it slow to weave.  That just makes the second half of the towel a tad tedious.      I did manage to cross two threads in the process of sleying, but it didn't take long to fix, once I got everything threaded, tied on and ready to go.

The second slip stitch sock is coming along quite nicely.  It is such a quick knit pattern.  I took this photo this morning after I'd picked up the gusset stitches.  After dinner this evening, I managed to knit almost, but not quite half of the foot!

In other news, the shirt I've been trying to make for my sweetie, has been quite the project.  It is a simple 1860's shirt.  It should be easy, considering how close the pattern is to a 1500's shirt.  However, I used a commercial pattern and the directions have you sewing patches over the gussets and gussets in plackets and partial linings inside, to cover all the unfinished edges.  As well, almost all the seams are flat felled.  So I finally sat down to sew.  I sewed all those lovely flat felled seams, attached the sleeves and gussets.  I put all the gusset lining patches in by hand.  As I went to attach the collar, I realized that I'd sewn all the flat felled seams inside out.   There is no way I'm ripping out the seams.  The fabric is too lightly woven to handle that much reverse sewing and I don't have the patience for it.  I'll just grab some different fabric, recut and sew a whole new shirt.  Sometimes, I wonder how I can manage to make such a major, and really dumb error.  Oh well, the next one will be tons better, I'm sure.


Leigh said...

Your second sock looks great! I just figured out that my 2nd is 6 stitches less than the first. So. my 3 year socks are turning into 4 year socks.

Sharon said...

That reminds me of how I'd keep saying to myself, right sides together, and then when I wasn't paying attention, they weren't.

I'm looking forward to seeing your towels. End-feed or boat shuttle?