Monday, 2 April 2012

The end of March ..

March came in like a lamb and limped out like an old, faded lion.  We got snow and cold, blustery weather, but it wasn't horribly frigid cold, nor incredibly blustery or a huge dump of snow.  It was just icky.  I woke up and the cold frame was covered with snow and a bit of ice.  We had sleet, hail, ice pellets and a little bit of snow, which looked horribly out of place on a lawn which is almost green and almost long enough to need mowing in places.

The poor daffodils looked so sad.  All the incredibly early blooms were bent to the ground.  Were they doing so in a desperate bid to go back to the safety of the rich,dark earth and their cozy little bulbs or just huddling away from the nasty weather?  

The few peas I got into the garden early, liked this weather.  They have already germinated and are a bit more than an inch tall.  I'd love to get the rest of the peas in the ground, if the chooks would let me.
  The chooks were out and about in the snow.  It was starting to melt by the time I'd let them out.  Still, it was such a change from the glorious warmth of the previous weeks.  They were only putting one foot down at a time and holding the other up as if they'd stepped in something horribly yucky and uncomfortable.   They spent half of their day huddling on the deck, hoping I'd pop out and give them treats.   It was a good day to cuddle up with a book and a cup of tea, that's for sure.

Then the other day, on an errand day, I happened across one of my horrible "ooh shiney" type weaknesses.   I can look at a whole slew of antique crockery and what speaks to me is Lusterware.  It's not horrible old, nor horribly collectable and it tends to be rather inexpensive.  But I do love it, in it's variety of colours and patterns.   This small set of 6 cups and sauces was very well priced. I've not yet seen a pattern in this deep blue.  The colour is gorgeous and the pattern is unique and charming.  I was smitten and I'm happy to say, even with the new addition, there is still space in the china cabinet.


Woolly Bits said...

it's a good thing that I rarely ever find nice and not overpriced china here:) I don't have space for it anyway and it would mean heartache not being able to get my hands on it! love the blue, a very pretty colour! I have to say though that in this household buying lovely china is a total waste, because DS and DH have a strong tendency to "kill" esp. those things I like the most. not on purpose, they're just clumsy and careless....

Leigh said...

I have a terrible weakness for china. Not just china but dishes. I'd have 10 sets or more if I didn't control myself!

I'm amazed your chickens went out in that at all! It's been a cold spring for everyone up north. Here, we're hoping it won't get any hotter!

Sharon said...

How funny - I too have that same china weakness. We have acquired a menagerie so that Alexia was excited to select our plates tonight to set the table.

And we too have had an insane "spring." It was snowing earlier. I always put in the tomatoes this month but this month is a freak.