Thursday, 24 May 2012

Colours of May

I was away for the weekend and came home to amazing colours in the garden.  These beautiful Irises were hidden in the garden.  I'd meant to dig them up last year and replant them, as they were originally planted a little too deep and rarely bloomed.  Obviously some chicken scratching and dustbathing has helped a lot this year.

 These Irises are in the pond, so are obviously water loving plants.  They are very pretty.  My only wish would be that the flowers lasted a little longer and they had a longer blooming period.   I sat outside for a bit, with my tea, enjoying them yesterday.
 Dames Rocket... It's taking over half the flower beds.  Every year I tell myself that I should dig some of it up and thin it out.  Then every spring it bursts forth into flower and there is a wall of pink along the back flower bed.  It's so pretty, I just leave it for next years bounty.
 The white Lilacs haven't really bloomed this year.  There are a few scant blossoms but the early spring heat and ensuing frosts may have damaged this years flowers.  This pink Lilac flowers much later though and has more gorgeous flowers than ever.   The scent is heavy and sweet.

Another flower which needs thinning are the Poppies.  There are now scads of orange Poppies.  I'd really like some other types and colours.  There are some pink and varigated pink Oriental Poppies which would make a nice addition.   The Icelandic Poppies I planted last year don't seem to have made it through the winter, nor have several other plants.  Whether that's due to the lack of snow cover or the chickens, I don't know.


Leigh said...

I love poppies. My grandmother had red ones growing in her garden and the were always a favorite of mine. Your May colors are beautiful. So wonderful spring is finally here!

Woolly Bits said...

lovely colours, esp. the poppy, which looks "sizzling":) btw, you can use those wilted blue iris flowers for dyeing yarn/fibres - they gave a lovely minty green for me!
my lilac isn't doing much either, 2 flower stalks, that's all. I think it would like more sun, but other plants are encroaching, so maybe that's the problem. enjoy the lovely colours!

Prairie Cat said...

Lovely colors! Everything around here bloomed months early due to a snap of 80 degree weather in March. I am missing the lilacs already!