Monday, 14 May 2012

Spring Beauty

 Today I found this Bachelor's Button hiding amidst the Spurge and newly blooming Dame's Rocket.   There are lots of flower buds, that I'm sure will open over the next few weeks but this one is the first.  I love the deep, rich colour of Bachelor's Buttons and the rather avant-garde appearance of the blooms.  It's survived the onslaught of chicken dust baths, so it's definitely a hardy plant. 
 The Bleeding Hearts are blooming strongly as well.  There is a white one tucked away in the back of the garden, but it's not quite as spectacular as this large pink specimen.  Yesterday the blooms were just starting to open and today, it's bright pink and white look so nice contrasted with the green foliage.  By the pond, it makes a lovely place to have a cup of tea.
 The superwash Merino/nylon grey blend is plied, skeined and washed.  All together there is 430 yards of 2 ply sock yarn.  It took a while to spin, but it's turned out so nicely that I don't mind having taken the extra time.  I love the blended grey.  I made up 8 batts on the drum carder, with 19 grams of white and 2 grams of black.  That's approximately 9.5% black and 90.5% white. 

When loading up the truck for a dump run, I found this old door.  It's still sturdy, although it certainly needs to be cleaned up.  I've been doodling on graph paper, trying to design a cupboard to fit around the door.  In the process, I came up with 2 other cupboards which would fit in places around the house.  Now to draft something more concrete and get materials lists for one of them.


Leigh said...

I just love that grey. And the door is a find! Since one can never have too many cupboards, sounds like it will be put to good use.

Sharon said...

It's so pretty where you live - so much color. I envy your sock yarn. It's lovely. I need to try again. Maybe you'll inspire me :)