Monday, 11 June 2012

More Practice

 More practice skeins.  I'm trying to get a consistent twist per inch as well as a consistent grist.  It takes a more refined drafting technique than I'd used before.  It's starting to get a bit easier, the more that I practice.  Fibre prep sure shows in some of these skeins.  They are all using commercially processed rovings and top.  Some are much nicer to work with than others.  There are samples here of both short forward draw worsted style drafting and a woolen style longdraw.
Before I set out for the course, I sewed up one block of the quilt I was planning for a Christmas present.  I knew that if I had even one block done, it would be the incentive to keep at the quilt blocks.  I did 3 more the other day.  They are 10 1/2 inch blocks, which will then be cut in quarters, to make a Bento Box quilt.  The light and dark centres will be set opposite each other, creating a bit of an offset optical illusion.  It's not my personal favourite pattern, but I know that several of my kids will like it.  I've a couple of other sewing projects which I'll work on as well, but it's a good break from spinning practice, both mentally and using different muscles and body positions.

Between times, I've gotten some gardening done, most things planted for now and even some weeding done!  I'm also on the second red/black sock.   While I like the finished sock, I will be happy to have these ones off the needles.

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Leigh said...

Practice, practice, practice!

I really like your fabric choices for the quilt. Colors I wouldn't have thought to put together, but they are working very well.