Monday, 30 July 2012

A Short Holiday

Last week, we traveled to the 1000 Islands area for a few days of relaxation.   We went camping and found a lovely spot right on the edge of the St. Lawrence River.  Our campsite was just to the left of this huge bridge which leads to Hill Island.    We noticed a bit of road traffic on the bridge the first night, but after that it wasn't a problem.    We packed our large nylon, modern tent, which was large enough for our queen sized air mattress, a small portable table and two chairs. 

 Right across the river, on Hill Island was the Sky Deck attraction, which my sweetie decided spontaneously that we should visit our first evening.   It wasn't in our original plans and we'd not even known about until we figured out what it was, right across the river from the campsite.   It's about 130 m tall and had some stunning views once you got to the top.  They have a fast elevator to the first observation deck and you have to walk up to the next two. 

Despite the clouds coming through and the fast, fading light, the views from up high were incredible.  It was a great way to really see what the area was like.  From the ground, you don't really see the islands or have an immediate idea of the immense size of the St. Lawrence River. 

Every morning, this fellow woke us up.   He or she cawed and screamed as the sun was coming up, conversing with what sounded to be a much younger and much whinier crow!  It was the most effective alarm clock I've had in a while.

 This was one of the views from our waterfront campsite.  It was so pretty, that in the evenings, before it got too dark and the mosquitoes too became to active, we just sat at the water's edge and watch the waves and the boats.   As the sun started to set, we'd retreat into our tent, to play Scrabble by the light of a not quite bright enough LED lantern.   Regardless of the bridge and the morning wake up calls,  it was peaceful and calming.  We took a couple of day trips while we were there.  More about those later as they were a bit photo heavy adventures.

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I'm glad to hear it was a nice vacation.