Monday, 13 August 2012

The Cupboard

I had this idea for a simple cupboard.  Not the one with the big door I found, that's a later project.  This was just to try out some simple techniques and play around.  So a few pine boards and a trip to the city to pick up some square nails, this is what the simple beginnings looked like.
My original drawings had it a bit wider.  However, when I measured the space in which is is to go, I had to make it narrower, adjusting some front side panel width as well to look balanced. 
While we picked up the square nails, we also picked up some milk paint.  My plans included a two step paint finish, with the yellow under the blue, sanding wear spots so that the yellow showed up.  However, I miscalculated the amount of paint I'd need and didn't get enough yellow.  Instead, just a regular 2 colour finish.  Here the milk paint hasn't dried yet, so it looks really splotchy.
The two coats of paint are dried and two coats of danish oil have been applied.  I know that varnish or polyurethane coatings would have been more durable, but oil gave a really nice patina to the milk paint.  Since this is for dry storage, I figure that it will be okay.
This little latch is the last piece in the project.  It was made after I'd painted and oiled the main cupboard.  It just needs oiling  before being attached.  Then the cupboard can replace a couple of small, ugly, space consuming shelves in the kitchen. 


suzibee said...

You are doing a remarkable job. I really like it!! The blue milk paint is terrific.

Leigh said...

I love it! That's my kind of cupboard really. Good color choice too. I'd never have thought of that one myself, but it really works.