Saturday, 9 February 2013

After the storm..

What a difference a day makes!  Yesterday I woke up to falling snow and it just kept coming down, all day.   We got over a foot of snow, which isn't really a lot of snow, but in our area, it tends to come a bit here and a bit there and builds up slowly, giving one a chance to acclimatize to winter.

 The snowblower wasn't working so the boys had to shovel the drive the old fashioned way so sweetie could get the truck in the driveway to pick up my son for work.   Then today, with the glorious sunshine beating down, I went outside to play for a bit.  All of a sudden I heard a noise, and look what I saw coming around the corner of the house.  Apparently it was an easy fix!  He did a 3 pass run to the coop and made it easy for me to get out to feed the girls and collect the eggs.  

One of the girls was brave enough to venture out on the newly made path.  Last year they were all out and about in the snow, but we had so little, it really wasn't a hindrance to them.  This year though, we've had much more, as well it's been much colder only the bravest, biggest girl has made the rounds when there has been snow on the ground.  


On the few sunny days we've had, I've found this grey girl sunning herself in front of the door. 

Despite the early morning temperature of -20, the rare blue sky was something to behold.  I thought that as it warmed up, the sky would turn an insipid pale whitish, watery blue as it often does, but thankfully, it stayed a nice, deep blue.   It was just lovely outside.

This is one of my favourite things this time of year.  The colour and definition of the buds against the sky.  Like the snow banks turning grey, the slush and the strong, warm sun, these buds are signs that Mother Nature has not forgotten us and that spring is really, just around the corner.


Woolly Bits said...

we've never had that much snow over night - ehm, I don't think we've ever had that much snow at all:) at least not since I came over (17 years ago) 2/3 years ago it accumulated to about half of yours in several days and we loved the first few days of snow and sunshine. it was only when it all turned to impassable ice sheets when the trouble began! the problem here is that there isn't usually much snow or frost, so that waterpipes freeze, roads are totally blocked and nobody can drive because most cars aren't equipped for that. and unfortunately on sheer ice sleds aren't really helpful either! but I think we're pretty safe for this year - won't be long now until spring is here!

Leigh said...

Wow, that's some snow. So nice to see your chickens making the most of it!