Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Eggs and yarn and stuff..

Trying again...  stupid connectivity problems with the router and email has been hit or more miss for ages and now it just ate my blog update.. pffft.. to that!

Soooooo.......  According to the Egg Farmers of Canada website, commercial eggs weigh about 43 grams (a small egg)- 70 grams (jumbo egg).  I know that most of our eggs are on the larger side since if you put them in a carton, there are always a few which don't fit in and the lid won't close.  However one gal laid this wee thing the other day.  It is heavy, weighing in at 116 grams.  It's not a record breaker for sure, but still, it's a big one.   If I had to guess, it would be from the Barred Plymouth Rock who went into moult during the coldest part of the winter.  She is fully feathered now and has always laid odd, large eggs.

I've finished plying the indigo dyed fibre.   In all, there is close to 500 yards of it.  It's a soft yarn, suitable for knitting or weft.  I'm seriously considering breaking down and actually knitting a shawl with it.   We shall see what comes with that idea.

The white Falkland is spun and plied.  This is about 450 yards of fibre spun at 14 wpi, 4 tpi, worsted, weighing 167 grams in total.   I sort of got carried away and spun about double the yardage that I'll need for dyeing.    Because I manage to get enough yardage for something useful and it's nice, nice yarn, I may spin up some more to use for dyeing and set this aside for a real project.


Leigh said...

That's a huge egg! And I think the indigo would make a beautiful shawl. :)

catetown said...

What a large egg!

I love the blues you are getting with the indigo.