Thursday, 7 March 2013

Colour Experiments with blending and spinning

I'm ready for spring!   The snow can go anytime now.  I'm tired of slogging out to the chicken coop.   I'm tired of boots and parkas, hats and mitts.   I'd really like to see the garlic sprouting, some lawn, the crocuses and even a weed or two would hit the spot.   On top of all the white outside, I've been spinning white fibre!  In a desperate bid for a bit of colour, I dug out the last few grams of commercially dyed fibre I had hidden away.  They're leftovers from my level 2 colour blending homework.  I had some red and blue.  I was pretty sure they were Corriedale fibres, so I found a bit of white Corriedale hiding away as well.  It was the perfect amount for blending.

I'd been noticing a lot of colourful and gradient shaded yarns lately.  I set out to blend the 3 fibres to see what I could come up with.    I started with white with blue, then blue with white and straight blue.  Then I went from blue with red,  to red with blue and then red with just a touch of blue.   I measured each colour grouping into two sets.  In total I had 89 grams of fibre in what I'd hoped would be two equal array of batts.

Then I started spinning with the lightest blue and went through the range of batts.  My little, inexpensive scale is not always horribly accurate and doesn't weigh to the partial gram so there was a bit of by gosh or by golly in there as I was depending on my batts being fairly equal for plying with distinct colours.  I could have done it by chain plying, but I thought that  one larger skein of 2 ply would be more versatile for using than 2 shorter, sort of 3 ply skeins.

  I ended up with 232 yards of yarn, enough for a shawlette or a pair of fingerless mitts or a hat.  I'm pretty happy with the colour shifts, especially as this is the first time I've tried something like this.  It was certainly fun to spin.

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Woolly Bits said...

we barely had any snow so far (but there's some in the forecast for next week - pleeze, it's march!:() but all that grey made me go crazy in the red department, too:) it sounds a bit silly, but looking at those reds really made the grey weather more bearable! now you can have the 2nd dose of feelgood, when you use your yarn:)