Monday, 25 March 2013

Looking for Eagles or the Colours of March

Really, that is what we were doing!   I've seen a bald eagle hunting over the nearby Thames river.  It's been seen there by several people.  Then, a few days ago, one flew over our home, low enough that it was easily identified.  It was a very majestic sight.  The next day, my sweetie saw one in a nearby field.   

On Sunday, despite feeling somewhat under the weather,  we donned some warm clothes, packed up the camera and headed out to a walking trail which is near the spot in the river where there were previous eagle sightings.   I took only one lens so I didn't have to haul all sorts of weight around.  The trail was obviously icy and the thought of slipping and landing on a camera case full of lenses wasn't really appealing. 

It was grey.  It was grey and cool.  Once again the forecast sun or high temperatures failed to appear.  However, it also meant the trail was virtually empty.  I much prefer hiking sliding on this particular trail off season as there are no bugs.   At  other times of the year the mosquitoes are both huge and numerous.

I don't think either of us figured we'd actually see the eagle or his nest, but it was rather enjoyable to be out looking.   But oh, a bit of blue sky would not go amiss right now.  The constant grey skies are getting tiresome.


Leigh said...

As tired as I am of being cold, I really do like your colors of march, LOL. Very cool about the bald eagle.

Sharon said...

I'm so surprised by your bugs. I suppose everything is a trade off. I sometimes weary of the sear high desert landscape but I don't miss ticks, fleas or mosquito.