Monday, 1 April 2013

Another week flies by...

 I'd been looking at these socks and thinking how long it was taking to finish them.  I'd cast them on before the big blue Milk Run shawl and I was still at the same first heel as I was two weeks ago.  Then I realized that I hadn't picked them up at all in that time.  So in some down time, I started knitting them again.  Only half a foot to go!  Hurray! or perhaps that should be hurry :)  Normally I enjoy knitting socks, but I'm not having the sock karma with these ones.  Maybe it's that it should be spring outside and instead it's snowing again.
 I did get a warp wound.  It's a simple project using up a bunch of handspun and naturally dyed skeins that I've collected over the past few years.  It's two scarves.  They will be about 7 or 8 inches wide and 96 inches long, plus fringes.  I'd made one for my daughter like that and it's garnered lots of compliments but she said she'd have preferred it 1 or 2 inches wider.  The blue is indigo and the coral is madder, while the grey and black are natural coloured fibres.  I have enough similar weight skeins to do a set of 3 or 4 of the same design, in white with other colours.  Then I think it will be tea towels so I can try a friends favoured towel draft, which works up with spectacular results.  I am hopeful I can get something nearly as successful as her towels.

It's been ages since I've played with this and it has been tons of fun digging up new techniques and trying out lots of samples. These are all cotton fabrics.   I did spend a lot of time hunting down a piece of silk that I knew I had hiding away but when I finally found it, it was obvious that Kevin kitten had played with it.  There were little claw mark holes in it and a bunch of kitten hair adorning the silk.  There is enough to use for a sample though but not enough to make into a scarf.   There are more samples made up, in different patterns.    If I get industrious, I might even wind a warp and try some Ikat wrapping.    In the next day or two, I'll do up an indigo vat and drop them in.  With any luck, there will be all sorts of nice surprises from that dye pot.  I'm using a few different weights and weaves of cotton, so the outcome of all these samples are anything but certain.


Leigh said...

I love the scarves. The soft colors against the black are really yummy.

Sharon said...

I love love love how color works with black. Your scarves look wonderful.