Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Need some cheerful brightness?

 I really didn't feel like redoing the pink pirate sock right now.  It took quite a while and I was disappointed enough with my end product to want something quick and easy.  I started this rainbow coloured sock 2 days ago and I'm already at the heel flap.  It's just a plain 2/2 rib, so fast and easy.   I dyed the yarn last year and it's aged enough that I can finally use it.
I started spinning some of the fibre I dyed last week.  It's a bright blend of yellow and oranges.  It's superwash merino, so a tad slippery, but fairly easy to spin since it doesn't compact in the dyeing process.  It's a fairly fast spin because it's drafting so smoothly.  That easy drafting also makes it very enjoyable to spin.  No struggling with this one!

Yesterday it was sunny and warmish.  I hung out my laundry and when I looked around the yarn, I noticed that this clump of mini-daffodils was blooming.  It just happened overnight, since they weren't there the day before.   How bright and sunny they are!   The larger daffodils will be a few more days before they start to bloom.  I do enjoy these really early blooms, even though they are small and delicate. They do make a statement when planted en masse!


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

The yellow and orange is so beautiful!

Leigh said...

Oh my goodness, the oranges and yellow look spectacular on that bobbin! And I don't even care for oranges and yellow, LOL

Woolly Bits said...

same here, I like orange and yellow in the garden, but not normally so much on yarn:) it looks "zingy":) and I agree about the mini daffs, they brighten the days a lot. only - mine are long gone, and the bigger ones are nearly over as well:( takes a while for anything summery to come up, so now is our first "bare" spot in the garden:)
enjoy the colours!