Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fresh Pots of Colour

  I was looking for a particular photo and came across several from last spring and summer, where the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the grass was green.  Remember green grass?  It seems like forever.  In a fit of pique and frustration, I grabbed the dye pot and  tossed in 100 grams of fibre, some blue and yellow dye, in an effort to get grass and sunshine on my fibre.

Two days ago, I found a whole pound of superwash Blue Faced Leicester blend which I bought last fall.  It was too white and snowy looking for me right then.  I divided it up into 3 sections of about 150 grams each.  These were the results of  Friday's 2 dyepots.  The icy blue one just screamed to be called Polar Vortex while the green is very much the shades of the first few freshly emerged leaves and grasses, in the spring.
I'll dye up the last lot later today or tomorrow.  Kettle dyeing is fast and fun, with often somewhat predictable, but once in a while, surprising results.

It was a great little break from the final stretch of spinning homework, which has been taking over my free time of late.


Sharon said...

Your results are beautiful. I wish you'd post your technique for kettle dyeing roving. I've never tried it because I've assumed it would turn to telt.

Leigh said...

My eyes are so hungry for green! What a treat.