Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Master Spinner 5 Dye Day

Fibre reactive dyes are for cellulose fibres.  Cottons, Ramie, Linen, Rayon, Tencel, Bamboo are the types of fibres which fit in this category.   Fibre reactive dyes require soda ash, salt and urea as additives.  Interestingly, it seems to be the percentage of salt which affects the Depth Of Shade (DOS).    Dye days are always hectic and this year was no different.   Small groups and knowing what we are doing should help, but as always, the human element rules.   Despite that, it has it's fun moments and as always, the results are at the very least satisfactory, and usually intriguing.  The nice thing about fibre reactive dyes is that they require low temperatures and the actual cooking time is fairly short.   They are set afterwards with either a simmering hot water bath or several days sitting in the dye.

Here are my results on cotton and ramie.

Dyeing multiple colours in one pot, with plastic bag containers.

12 step colour wheel

8 skeins from yellow to blue. 

fun techniques in rainbow and varigation dyeing

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