Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Holiday Monday Day Trip

The August holiday is sort of the holiday that isn't.  It isn't an official holiday so everything is open and only some of the people have it off.  My sweetie is one of the lucky ones who had a 3 day weekend.  He dragged me out to Stratford for the day where we wandered through antique stores, (nope, I didn't purchase anything!) and then for a walk through the park, along the riverbank.  It's a lovely park, full of people using it.  There were kids playing, people sitting at benches, on blankets and picnic tables, with picnics, coffees or just reading and enjoying the day.  I saw a crazy tourist getting awfully close to the swans, trying to get the perfect photo.  I'm not that brave!

 I dragged the big girl camera out because a heavy camera that takes good photos won out over the camera phone convenience.  I saw a female  duck just hanging out.

 Nearby one was strutting about .  That little bar of blue is so pretty.  Funny, when I look at the photos I took, there were lots of female ducks but not so many males. I'm pretty sure these are Mallard ducks.

This swan arched it's neck for a pretty photo op although I think it's really looking for some sort of interesting tidbit of food.  Swans are huge, with monsterously large webbed feet.  They can be cranky too, although there were no young cygnets around so that would help.  As well, these swans aren't wild, so they are used to people. 

The big boys were out playing with their toys.  There were 4 or 5 remote control sailboats out in the water.  They launched them from the full sized boat launch, which was a bit amusing.  They looked so sweet out there on the water though, playing tag and racing along.  It was fun to watch.

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