Saturday, 24 January 2015

Guardian Cat to the Rescue

Cat snuggled against the hip incision
Soooooo, my cat does not like to sit on people.  His idea of a good cuddle, is to sit near you, but not touching.  He will sit on the back of a comfy chair while you sit on the chair, or he'll sit on the cushion at one end of the couch, while you sit on the other end.   But sit on your lap for a nice pet and a snuggle, nope, not ever.

Yet.......... if I am not feeling well, and not a I have a cold unwell, but really unwell, he is right there checking up on me.    When I got home from the hospital, we couldn't keep Cat away.  He normally asks me to feed him as soon as I'm up, but he didn't once mew pitifully as if he would waste away without his morning tablespoon of wet, gushy food.    Instead, he spent his days and afternoons cuddling up to me.  Either right beside my incision or trying to get on top of it.  As long as he could be touching my right leg in some rather overt fashion, he would make himself at home and cuddle up.

Cat snuggled up on my right leg
Yesterday he was still finding ways to perch on top of my leg.    This morning however, he decided that perhaps it was time for me to begin feeding him again, although it will be a little bit longer before I can actually access the kitchen for his food and manipulate the tins to his dish.   He has also decided to take his morning nap someplace other than on my leg.

 That can only be good news. It can only speak of good things for the awesomeness of kitty healing powers.

Cat snuggled up on top of my right leg.
Cat migrated to a more comfortable position


Woolly Bits said...

I think pets know very well, when master or mistress aren't feeling great! when I am down with something (luckily nothing as major as your op!) both dogs follow me all the time, as if they know that attention makes one feel better! I hope you're going to be able to feed your little "helper" again soon:) get better!
Bettina (from ireland, where it's grey and stormy again - when I am hoping for spring!)

Leigh said...

What a good kitty! That is so sweet. I agree with Bettina, they certainly seem to know how we feel. Hopefully your surgery went well (?)

Sharon said...

Oh boy do I know how helpful a kitty can be when healing. I got Maddie a month after I got home from the hospital, and she too wants to be near but not touching. I know she helped me heal so much so that we were calling her Nurse Kitty :)