Thursday, 19 February 2015

Healing Update

Holy Cow! I cannot believe it's been almost a month.  It's been a month of mainly healing time, with a bit of activity, mainly physiotherapy.  In the last week though, especially the past couple of days, the mobility has been growing noticeably.   I find out next week if I can start slowly transitioning to normal activities, rather than being bound by the fairly rigid limitations that I have right now.  Fingers Crossed!

Just finished piecing and started the embroidery.
I did start a handwork project, not knowing how long it would be before I could get back to my spinning wheel.  I started this to use as a possible class sample.  I could do it sitting at a table, by hand, using 19th century period techniques, since I couldn't get to or use my electric or treadle sewing machines.  However, when I offered to teach the 2 classes to a local historic teaching event, it came with a caveat that I wouldn't be cleared to drive for a couple more weeks at least.  I'm guessing that the event coordinator didn't want to risk my having to back out, since they didn't ever get back to me.  Their loss, but now I have to figure out a way to entice me to finish the samples and put them to use.

I have done a bit of this too.  Actually, I've knitted 2 socks, just different yarns.  Both were started before the surgery and I am ready to finish off the toes of each sock.  However until I can actually check the fit, I'm having a bit of a personal issue finishing them up.  I shouldn't really.  I can do this all with math but there is something quite satisfying about trying on the sock and knowing that it fits.

I had great expectations about how much I'd get to knit during this time.  I had not 1 but 3 sock projects with me at the hospital and knit exactly 2 rows, since I really kept just falling asleep.  It felt like I slept for 3 days solid, which I pretty much did.  At home, it hasn't materialized as the fun, gotta finish up activity that I'd hoped for.

Mainly because of my spinning wheel.  At the 3 week check up with the surgeon, I asked about spinning.  He delighted me in the fact that he actually knew what a spinning wheel was and what the physical movements/motions were needed to use one.  I got the all clear to start spinning.  It took me a few more days to actually get the right chair and wheel in place.  I had to switch from the Sonata, which has the flyer at the rear, which would have required me to bend in one of those prohibited ways, back to the Minstrel.  It has the flyer at the front, ergo no bending to reach it and the treadle angle also allowed me to maintain that necessary less than 90° angle. 

 What amazed me is that while I hadn't been able to sit and spin for more than a few minutes at a time since last summer, I was suddenly having to remind myself to take breaks.  I could really spin again, which has been so wonderful!  I've been pounding out the homework samples for level 5.  I still need to mount them, but once I am allowed to bend and stretch a bit more, (fingers crossed for next week's appointment),  I'll be able to access the printer and other needed materials, to get that done.   Right now, spinning is feeling wonderful.

Of course after having someone around home with me for several weeks, I've needed voices on during the day, so have been having a Buffy film fest while spinning.  I can spin all morning and into the afternoon, until my cat decides I've had enough.  He tugs on my arm, gets cranky and whiney, until I lie down with him for a bit, while he stretches out on my healing leg and sleeps, forcing me to slow down.  I chock it up to necessary healing time.

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