Tuesday, 12 May 2015

3 Days of goodies

Saturday was clean up day at Westfield.  We used the opportunity of the site being open on an off day, to have a bread day.   We talked about bread and 19th century cooking.  Then we headed out to the bake oven and put in some bread.   The oven was too hot, so we didn't have time to cook the Plum Cake from Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management.   Next time I am at the bake oven, I will slip it in.  All the ingredients are measured out, so it will be an easy project.

On Sunday my son borrowed the truck and a while later he came home, shouted through the door to ask where I wanted this.   It took a bit of thought to decide between the nice spot beside the pond or on the deck.   The deck won out though because we can put the table under it for al fresco dining but mainly because I can use it as a spinning shelter.  I love to spin outside, but often, the ground is soft, muddy or the grass wet from dew for a good part of the day.   It has stopped me from taking the wheel out before.  Now though, this is a lovely, shady area for spinning as well.

I ate my lunch out there on Monday and spent an hour reading.  While the deck was clear on Sunday, all day Monday, little red Maple tree flowers were raining down.  My lunch was safe though as the shelter protected it.  Yay!

Today a big dump truck dropped off this huge pile of wood.  It will take a few weeks to split, I am sure, not that I can claim to do any of the splitting.  I make kindling sometimes, but don't wield the axe for splitting.  I do a lot of stacking wood though.  This is spare wood.  We still get 20 face cord in as our main wood supply.   With the bitter winters, we've needed more.

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