Monday, 25 May 2015

During the past 9 days

 Two weekends ago, on the Victoria Day long weekend, FOOL, or Fruits of Our Labours was held.   It is an SCA event with 2 days of classes.   Mostly the classes are hands on, but we have roundtables and once in a while when an exceptional lecture class comes about, we will host it as well.    The campsite we use has indoor space and an amazing amount of outdoor space for camping, hiking and marshal activities.    

The upside of the name is that FOOL is easy to remember.  The downside is that when we ask people to design t-shirts for us, there is a trend to want to go with the Court Fool, jester etc, which unfortunately has absolutely nothing to do with this event, especially since FOOL is an acronym, not the real name.  This year's t-shirt was kind of cool.  The design on the back said Fruits of our Labours 8 and then reading down, starting from the 8, it said (infinity) ∞ things to do.    

This year I was mobile and the weather was perfect.  I had great intentions to take photos but I kept getting distracted!  I missed the trillium photos.  I missed the awesome looking campground photos  and missed photos of classes.    The only photos I took were quick snaps of my results from the batik class, which I only took to send off to my sweetie.  It was an awesome event even though I don't have photos to show.

Last week my sweetie texted me to see if I wanted to run into the city mid-day, during his lunch hour.    It seems he found a log splitter which was in our price range and the store had them in stock.    While he was dealing with the log splitter, I wandered around the store.   It is filled with machinery, tools, bits and bobs and some really cool stuff.   On the camping shelf there was an array of cast iron.   It was half the price of any I'd seen elsewhere.   I've been looking for a smaller hanging pot.   This one probably holds about 3 litres total and the small little melting pot was a whim.  I'm not sure if it will be useful, but it is cute.    The larger pot was only $25 and the small one was $8.    At another on-line area store, that little pot was $17, so I'm pretty happy about the price I paid.  If the pot had a lid, it would have been better, but this is still useful.

On Sunday at Westfield, the Inn hearth was a cooking bonanza.   In the back corner, Jamie made corn bread.  His daughter Paige made rusks,which aren't dried but a rich pancake like bread.  I stewed a bunch of rhubarb.  If you can't find rhubarb recipes in 1830's recipe books, check for "spring fruit" recipes.  It seems that rhubarb was considered an ugly name so there was a push on to change it.  Rhubarb is way easier to say than spring fruit and at least points to a specific fruit.

Lots of this happening.  I need 400 yards of plied yarn for Olds Master Spinner level 6, which is in just less than a month.   This is a 52 micron mixed breed sliver, which has a little bit of black in it, making it a silvery white, rather than pure white.

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