Sunday, 16 August 2015

Bags, Sweaters and Cookery

The Oxford Weavers and Spinners have a meeting place full of looms, which are able to be used for both individual projects or guild group projects.   This little boho bag is one of the group projects.   A loom is warped up and ready to go, with multiple projects.  You can come in and weave off a project or two at your own pace.   I was lucky in that there was nobody ahead of me in the queue.  So I popped into the guild one morning and wove this off.   If I hadn't had to unweave the pattern bit, which I did in the wrong colour the first time, I would have been done in an hour.   As it was it took 1 hr, 20 min. and that included a bit of chatty time with another member.   It took much longer to assemble it and sew on the strap.

The Guild is offering a class in making these bags at the Woodstock Fleece Festival in October.  No experience needed as there are two different projects aimed at different experience levels.

I've had to do a bunch of waiting around lately.  Instead of a sock project, I decided to mix it up with a cardigan.  This is the Shaker Rib Cardigan from Boyfriend Sweaters.   It's an easy to knit pattern and perfect for sitting around waiting for appointments etc.   

I've wanted to go to Fort York for ages.  It always seems to be closed when we visit Toronto though.  This trip it was opened and we spent a couple of hours there.   While it is an interesting site, I found it a bit disappointing.   The only tours were on the hour and we missed it by 5 minutes.   The only people doing any interpreting were a small and very loosely rehearsed fife and drum group.  The drummers weren't bad but the fife players kept hitting wrong notes and had difficulties in keeping time.   The Georgian kitchen was closed.    Really, Old Fort Erie was a much more interesting and enjoyable tour.    However, the gift shop had a decent variety of cookery book facsimiles.   These four books came home with me.   It sort of made up for the disappointing afternoon.

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