Monday, 14 September 2015

Backus Mill Reenactment

On Sunday we went to Backus Mill to watch the war of 1812 reenactment.  The conservation area had opened some of their historical buildings.  The last time we were there, the mill was closed.  This time it was open and it is full of old mill equipment.

It doesn't seem to be set up as a functioning mill would have been, but there is a lot of old flour processing materials.   The water wheel and old dam still work as well.

One of the buildings is set up as a museum.  The displays inside are really well done and it was an impressive building to explore.  

I found this old knitting needle mounted on a display.   It is made of wood and in really good condition, although there is no age range listed, so it might not be horribly old.  It is pretty neat though.

One of the log cabins had been set up and used as a tavern on Saturday night.  It was really well done, with tables, lanterns and candles, as well as a lot of interesting old items for decor. 

The British army was out in full force and after a dasterdly murder of the Red Coat leader during the parlay, the American army was turned away and the town was saved.

The bright red coats of the British Army sure stand out in the battlefield.  I wonder who decided that red was a good colour to protect the soldiers?

It was a fun afternoon.

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