Friday, 11 September 2015

New Fleece update

I've been pulling a lot of locks from the new fleece.   I only have 6 pieces of screening to make washing envelopes from though, so I've been trying to do 2 lots per day.  It is still pretty slow going.  Once in a while I put a couple of handfuls of fleece in a lingerie bag to bulk wash. 
packets of fleece locks ready to wash
This is the screen packet of locks ready for washing.  The safety pins keep everything tucked in nicely.  The locks stay in place and don't move around.  The screen lets water and soap in, and the gritty dirt and lanolin out.
We've had a few nice days and the fleece dries quickly when I can get it out.  However there have been a lot more rainy days of late and then it has to dry inside.  Even with the rack, it takes a bit longer to dry inside.

So clean and quite soft!
Once the locks are dry, I've been flick carding them.   Sometimes I go outside and flick card a whole bin of them at once.  It is a nice way to spend some time outside in the nice weather this time of year.   But on the rainy days, I just flick card as I'm spinning; one lock opened and one lock spun.   I don't know if it takes more time this way, but the cat doesn't get nearly as involved, which is always a good thing when spinning.

The end result has been a lot of this.  These are fine singles which will be plied once I get the 4th bobbin spun.  I'm almost there!

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Sharon said...

Boy, it's been a very long time since I've prepared fiber that way and spun it. I've only saved one fleece and plan to do that once we're moved. Your pictures remind me how satisfying that process is :)