Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Random Stuffs...

 The bottom cupboards are almost finished!   The face frames, doors and drawer fronts are being finished up.  Because they won't be permanently installed until the spring, they are being placed in their respective spots for storage and use.   They look so awesome!  The colours are bright, cheery and they warm up the kitchen beautifully, which is a lovely change from the dirty, dated, dreary peach paint and wallpaper.   Because it was over 20 years old, without being cleaned or repainted, it was really awful.
 There has been a fair bit of playing with string.   The sweater now has a front, a back and half a sleeve!  Yay!  
I've been winding warps for future projects as well.  The darker one is partially finished.  It will be yardage for a cloak or a sacque coat. 

 The lighter one is for a set of huck lace tea towels.   The tea towels will go on the loom in the next day or two.  Right now there is a large work table set up against the loom, to accommodate painting cupboards and attaching hardware.

Some utility sewing has been done.   I played with a pattern design and used an old sheet to work up a sample.   I'd hoped it would be wearable, but no such luck.   It was a good learning experience though, as I played around with a few new techniques but the sample is definitely not wearable.

The little Christmas stocking I made for my daughter's cat is pretty cute though.  Lucky kitty!

 It is Christmas at Westfield.   The evening programs are pretty spectacular, with the whole village being lit with oil lamps and candles.   It is so pretty.

The Lockhart house is lit with candles.  It was fun explaining to kids that the house didn't have electricity so we couldn't turn on lights.   I made a venison stew which was pretty yummy and a dried mix herb blend, for flavouring soups and stews when fresh herbs were not available.   I underestimated exactly what volume the recipe would make.  It filled the white bowl to the brim.   I had brought 6 little bottles with me, and could have filled another 4 or 5!   But the herb blend turned out quite tasty.  I flavoured the stew with it and it was perfect. I will use it this winter instead of the herbes de province mixtures I usually use.  I think it would work not only for soups and stews, but for meat loaf and spaghetti sauce as well.


Woolly Bits said...

candle and oil lights look so much more inviting (though they are a pain to work by - which I found out again during the last few days with power outages:)!and I love your new kitchen colours, must be fun to work in a kitchen that colourful!
don't forget to show the sweater - once you've finished!
greetings from the stormy emerald isle

Leigh said...

I've been scrolling through your posts to catch up and had to stop and comment on that cabinet - I love it! I can always count on your posts for a color feast. :)