Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house

The last time I was at Westfield was for the afternoon Christmas Program.   After loading the wood box, sweeping and getting water, I filled up the cast iron kettle and put my lunch on to cook.  I always end up eating lunch there or do without because of the timing of my drive.  That day I had freshly laid eggs and back bacon.  It was a very yummy treat.  The kettle takes a while to get warm, but we had hot water for dishes and cooking in fairly short order.   Otherwise, I made english muffins on the gridiron and soda bread in a dutch oven.

The tea towels are off the loom.  The huck lace worked out really well and I cut the towels off the loom, leaving enough waste to tie on another warp.  The disappointing thing is that the 2/8 natural cotton I was given, turned out to not be cotton at all, but some blend, so there was no shrinkage in washing .   My tea towels are large enough to be utility hand towels or small bath towels!  Guess what I am hanging in the bathroom over Christmas?
This is Harper.  He is a 10 year old German Shepard cross, with probably Border Collie or Aussie Sheepdog, because of his colouring, hair texture, tail and personality.   He is needing a new home because of a sad divorce situation where Dad took him and then dumped him on Mom, who can't afford to keep him.   He is a sweet mama's dog.   Unfortunately Kevin doesn't like him and chases him around the house, hissing, spitting, growling and attacking him all out with teeth and claws.  Hubby doesn't like him because a) he doesn't want another dog and b) his first night anxiety caused a few issues.   However with me, he is sweet as anything.   I exchanged the 4 ft long heavy leash, with a weighted spring at the clip end that he came with, for a 6 ft. long lightweight leash and all his leash issues disappeared.   He is friendly, warm and when he is trying to get away from Kevin attacking, he does do the lap dog thing, where he climbs on me for safety.   He is a pretty large dog and definitely not a lap dog.   His house manners are pretty darned good though.  He doesn't beg for food, doesn't eat the cat food, which is on the floor and sits nicely at my feet when I am sewing or spinning.   As long as Demon Spawn Kevin isn't in the room, all is good.    Will he stay with us?  I don't know but he is slowly settling in for now after a bit of a traumatic start.

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Woolly Bits said...

the towels turned out very nice, even if the yarn isn't what you expected! one day I'll weave some myself - if ever I do get the space for the loom:)
and I love Harper - I could never take a dog into temporary care. unless it turned out a total dosser, I'd never let it go again:) we've had a few fights and growls between Dobby and Minnie (jack russell, who adopted us a while back:), but they calmed down after a while. and when mr pringles came into the house (my son found the lost kitten abandoned at the side of the road 6 weeks ago), Dobby didn't like it either, she still tries to catch the cat, but of course the kitten is far too agile to be caught; it has learned not to come too close to the old "queen bee" dog - but is a real teaser and doddles around in front of her, just to annoy her:). maybe Kevin calms down a bit after a little while? they don't need to become best friends, if they tolerate each other that'll be enough?
anyway, I hope you had/have a nice christmas - and good luck for 2016!