Saturday, 26 March 2016

Ice Storm 2016

 The beginning of the ice storm.   Trees across the way are already heavily coated.

More freezing rain is falling.  The world is looking like a set from a sci-fi movie, all glass and diamonds.

It's pouring rain in earnest now, but still not warm enough to melt the ice.

This tree limb is from the tree beside the house.  It is an old silver maple which would take two and a bit people to reach around it.  This branch is about a foot in diameter.  It missed taking out our roof by just a few inches! 

A start on the firewood for next year.

And through it all the crocuses kept blooming.  
The power was out for only 30 hours.  The generator kept the basement from flooding.  Lots of branches and limbs to be chopped and moved.  The lilacs came down from the ice as well, so there will be no blooms this year.   Other than that, all is well.


Sharon said...

Thirty hours! That gets old in a big hurry. These spring storms are miserable, rubbing it in that even though we're thoroughly tired of winter, it's not done with us :)

Woolly Bits said...

oh no, what a mess:( we had a storm 3 days ago as well, but no rain/ice - and no damage apart from small dead branches... luckily the roof wasn't damaged - and neither were you! but still, 30 hours without power - that would be quite rare for us, even though we have shorter outages here and there. I hope this was the last bit of crappy weather for you - it's nearly april after all!
happy easter anyways:)