Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tired of White

Not of snow and winter white, but of spinning the white fleece.   I decided to take a break and spin some grey Icelandic.   I loved the fleece when I bought it.  It is clean and washes up beautifully.  However, I think that I like the idea of spinning Icelandic fleece, more than the actual practice of spinning of it.  

This fleece in particular, has a very short tog, which is clumping in places and making it rather irritating to spin.   It really doesn't play nicely with the drum carder.  Instead of lovely batts, I was getting tufty bits all over the place.   It only takes a couple of passes on the hand cards, but it doesn't roll up nicely unless I make punis, which don't spin as nicely as the ugly rolags.

It just doesn't make me happy, the way some yarns I've spun.   The contrasts in greys are nice though.  

The pie crust recipe from a couple of days ago turned out to be the best so far.   It is nice too, that it isn't just starches like some pie crust recipes.

Gosh, I just checked the preview.  I'd better grab my camera and get a new background photo.  It sure doesn't look all sparkly white and frosty like that anymore.

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