Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fresh Off the Loom

Not washed, no hems or bindings, just freshly cut off the loom!  

Double Binding technique -   it is a block weave, on 4 shafts.  I found this threading and tie-up in The Big Book of Weaving first, so I used it.  It makes and interesting rug.  Other samples suggest a taquete block weave threading, which I'll use next time, along with bigger blocks, and better colours.  However, it was a sample and I used thrift store sheets, so colour choice was limited.

The yellow rug is using the above threading but a tabby treadling.  I cut the rag strips 1.25 in wide, which nicely got rid of the baby print.  The fabric from the crib duvet cover and 2 curtains was very good quality though, so I'd hoped it would make an interesting all over pattern.

The green rug, which I cut off the loom as I was pretty sure I didn't want to make another of these.  I pulled a couple of inches of warp out to make it a tad thinner, as it was catching on the unused heddles.  Then I re-threaded the whole warp with the double bind weave, as above.  If I were a tad taller, or at least with a longer reach, threading from the front would be much more enjoyable.  Unless I grow a couple of inches in the near future though, it is a bit of an awkward process.

I used a couple of leftover bits of quilting fabric to weave off the last bit of the warp.  The fabric didn't go nearly as far as I thought it would.  The double bind weave technique uses a lot more fabric than plain weave.  It makes sense since you are pretty much covering one weft strip with another.   If I can find some strap webbing in the right colour though, it will make a loud bright and cheerful shoulder bag.

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Bettina said...

I still love the pattern of the green one - though maybe too precious for a rug? but I love the yellow one! it looks so friendly and inviting - and not babyish at all any more:) might not be a practical colour for a rug, esp. with dogs and "male piggies" in the house - but I still like it best!