Sunday, 28 August 2016

Spinning and garden colours

I was thrilled to get this rug off the loom.  I'm still not happy with the colours, even after a few days.   This is definitely a good lesson learned.

On Friday, I spent half an hour trying to get tickets to a concert.  The website kept coming up as busy, or tickets were sold out, but judicious reloading the page, finally got tickets, albeit in adjacent rows, but I prevailed.  Especially happy because the tickets are where everyone wanted them.

The garden tomatoes are ripening.  Because the kitchen has been ripped apart this weekend, I've tossed them in the freezer instead of canning them.  It's fast and easy, because you don't have to blanch and peel them.

Last weekend, our guild was asked to demonstrate at the Ingersoll museum at their harvest festival.   Carol and I offered to spin, which garnered a good bit of conversation from visitors as I used a wheel and she used a drop spindle.   It was a lot of fun.  The museum was beautifully set up and a lovely place to visit.

I took a bag of lovely white fibre; white Falkland roving from R.H. Lindsay.

This is a corner of my deck.  The colours and blooms are lovely, but the Rudbekia and the lushness of the Coleus scream that autumn is coming.  

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Bettina said...

my rudbeckia is diddling along, I think it's so covered in grass (weeding takes so much time:(), thatn not much will come up:( and we are a bit delayed here - the blackberries are starting to ripen, but with more rain than sun it'll take another week or so until I can start picking.... but I can see the signs too: the hawthorn drops leaves, the horse chestnuts turn brown, the jap. maple is fiery red... well, it is september, even though only the first day of it:) but on the bright side: there'll be more time for spinning and knitting and less gardening work to do!
I hope your kitchen will be functioning soon again; nerve-wrecking to be without!