Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Processing the garden

 Half a bushel of tomatoes, canned and in the pantry - yes

One bottle did a weird thing, when it foamed up with about an inch of watery, white foam at the top.    You could see the bubbles rising from a tomato core as it was cooling.  I've never had that happen before, but then I also usually put up plum tomatoes and these are just regular ones.  Still trying to find an answer but I tossed out that jar of tomatoes, just in case.

 Cutting old t-shirts into continuous rags for rug weaving - yes

Without even bothering to cut up anything but the body of the shirt, each t-shirt yields about 15-20 yards of continuous rug weft.   I think it is well worth the bit of time and a great way to re-use old, worn t-shirts which would otherwise be trashed.   But, we don't wear out our t-shirts fast enough to keep me in t-shirt yarn, so unless I can convince others to save them for me.......

Making apple jelly - yes, maybe?

Yesterday I picked some apples from the Lockhart farm house at Westfield.   I picked a bit over half a grocery bag full, which is all I could reach.  Today I have chopped them up, with the intentions to make apple jelly.   You know the instructions for processing the apples for both jelly and home made pectin are remarkably similar.   Guess what I seem to be getting? 

I will wait for the end results after hours upon hours of endless dripping of the cooked apples before doing a more complete post on what hopefully will be focusing on success and not what looks to be shaping up to a complete turn around on my results.

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