Sunday, 25 September 2016

Carol's Alpaca Days

This little girl was humming away in the barn.
 One of our guild members, Carol, has a small herd of alpaca.  This weekend was her open house.  While a small event, it was loads of fun, with family activities, treats and of course friendly alpaca.  The farm is extremely beautiful, in a gorgeous setting.  This would have been a fun, family activity.

I was  spinning and was set up in the garage.   It was a great place to spin, with lots of light.  The day was breezy though and it came right through the back door and kept blowing the fibre off the table and out to the driveway, where it rolled around like tumbleweeds until it could be retrieved.

Look at that gorgeous red/brown colour and cute facial expression.
This girl spent the afternoon eating apples from the tree.
 Carol had gotten a huge bag of processed fibre back from the mill and I had the opportunity to spin some of it for my demo.   I didn't get a photo of it, but just saying that this fibre was rejected and if it was, I was curious to know why.  The black was from an older animal, so it was a little coarser, but still it was a dream to spin.  The brown left me puzzled though as I could see no discernable reason why it wasn't deemed suitable fibre.  They were both really nice to spin and made awesome yarn.

   I met some super nice people.  I was able to spin some lovely fibre and meet some precious beasties.  It was a super fun day that I'd certainly do again.

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