Friday, 30 September 2016

Today's Excitement

Look what followed me home today!  It's small, supposed to be very fuel efficient, has the few options I wanted and is a pretty peacock blue.    Hopefully it will be easy to spot in a parking lot, amid the sea of grey and brown cars which seem to be so popular locally.

It really is small though and a huge difference from driving the truck.

  I have some pretty awesome friends who didn't mind picking me up when I was vehicleless, out here in the boonies, but it will be nice to be able to pop out when I need to run an errand or want to visit, without having to beg a ride or get up stupid early to drop people off at work, just to have a vehicle for a few hours. 

My sweetie found double roll of charming flocked, metallic gold wallpaper while routing around in the basement, fixing up some weird wiring in the kitchen.   He thinks there might be a second roll hidden away.   You sure can't find paper like this too many places anymore. 

 Drywall is going up in the kitchen...yay!!!!  It's half up and the rest of the framing is almost complete.    Next up is the vent for the range hood.   When this was first planned, we weren't sure how the outside wall would need to work.  Cabinet placements and sizing were supposed to make a difference in how everything would fit together.  However, with minor adjustments, the outside wall will now have a decent amount of insulation in it.   That is a good thing too :)

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Bettina said...

lucky you! and nice colour too:) I sometimes miss the freedom a car would give me (not that I could even drive:), but when I see insurance prices over here.... I'd have to give up everything else to be able to afford them:( happy driving, I am sure you'll appreciate your car in winter even more!