Sunday, 11 September 2016

Tying on a pretty blue warp

This is 2 strands of 2/8 cotton, one dark blue and one a lighter blue, tied on to the previous warp.  The sett is 8, and it is just a simple tabby weave.  I did all the math using numbers for less loom waste since I was tying it on, but then looked at the wrong spreadsheet and wound off the warp as if I needed the full amount of loom waste.   I guess I will have sampling room.

This was super fast to wind on.  Not a single knot, twisted thread, no Kevin interference, nothing to slow down or mess up the process.  Of course my man was at a golf tournement, so there were few distractions.

Gosh, I do like these colours.  I was excited to see how they looked with the dark blue jersey warp I was planning on using.

Well, the warp barely registered at all using plain weave.   I tried a thick and thin weft, using the doubled warp thread combination as the thin.  It was fussy and made for sloppy selvedges, plus it didn't bring out the warp at all.   I went back to the plain tabby.  After a few inches I realized that the rug was boring in plain blue.  I started randomly adding a few partial shots of various other colours, which breaks up the sea of boring blue nicely.

There is enough warp for at least 2 rugs, so I have time to think about the second rug.  If I re-sley for a sett of 12, the warp would be likely stand out better, but I'd have a narrower rug unless I added more warp threads.   Only lucky 13 inches woven so far, so I've a bit of time before I need to make a decision. 

The jersey is easy to work with, although I'm taking a bit of care to avoid stretching it when I throw a shot.  It packs in nicely and densely.  It is making a soft rug.   One way or another, this is a much better use for that ugly blue jersey sheet. 

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