Monday, 31 October 2016

Fibre and pretty antiques

all spun with a traditional longdraw
 I carded the dark purple fibre with handcards to make rolags which spun quite nicely, despite the multitudes of little neps in the fibre.  I decided to run the rest of the fibre through the drum carder.   It was a reminder that sometimes short cuts aren't really so short.  The neps just got more imbeded in the batt and it was difficult to pull them out of the stripped roving.  Instead, I ended up carding all the drum carded fibre with handcards after the fact.   It made a much nicer yarn.  The fibre lots must be slightly different.   While one might have been all Merino, the second one had a lot of lustre and show long strands of something shiney as I carded it.   I'm guessing it was a nylon of some kind since it seemed to have dyed adequately.

The middle skein is a bit tweedy looking due to all the little neps or twisted, knotted balls of fibre or really short bits.   There is 75 g here and I just found another little handful of the purple/pink blend. 

 We took a road trip to the small town where we were married.  I got to see the Ukranian Orthodox church where we had the most amazing ceremony on what turned out to be the colded night of the winter.  However, our main goal was the antiques market there.   It is in a huge warehouse which was easy to find.   But it turns out there were two of them.  One was a horribly crowded, hard to get through all the "stuff" and junk.   The prices were anywhere from the middle of the road to the ridiculous.   There were oil lamps there for $250 that would sell for less than $45 elsewhere.   We were disappointed to say the least, but luckily my sweetie noticed another door, farther down, which turned out to be the more established antique market.  There were some lovely items there, including several lovely sets and odds and ends of lustre ware - but with no place to put it, I left it where it was.   I did come home with this lovely large citrus reamer.  I'm not sure why I'm so fond of them, but they work so well and fit my need for functional antiques.   I've seen large ones like this in milk glass, but they tend to be more $ than I'm willing to pay.  This clear one was the right price though.   As well, the oil lamp is a shape I don't have.   I know it's not an old one, but it was super cheap and everything works on it.  I think it will be put to good use if we have any power failures this winter.

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