Friday, 21 October 2016

Lessons and reminders

Every once in a while, I get tired of my hair being ripped out when pull it up into a pony tail or braid.   It seems that even the fat, no tangle elastics cause a lot of damage.  I have a really cool hair clip, but I keep setting it down in a safe place and it gets lost for a while, until I find it again.  When I get tired of this happening, I usually just get 6 inches chopped off my hair, but instead, this time I made scrunchies.  I don't care that they are way out of fashion.  They are comfortable to wear, easy  and cheap to make. 
Every weaving project is an opportunity to learn something new.   My gamp waffle weave face cloths looked awesome on the loom.   I changed things up for the last half of the warp.  I changed the tie up to a 2/2 twill and wove it off as towel sized pieces, using different treadlings.   They looked great on the loom too!   The came off the loom and this morning, I tossed them in washer and then in the dryer as I was excited to see the finished project.     Well, it turns out that some of the mercerized cotton I was given, is most likely rayon.   There is a huge differential in the shrinkage and every inch of the 5 yards of cloth is useless.   Live and learn... always do a flame test on unknown fibres.   It's pretty though :)

And so I leave you with a photo of this perfectly posed goat.  The vegetable stand we stop at when we go to Brantford has a goat pen beside it.  This one just popped up there, posed perfectly and then waited for me to snap the picture.

But the next photo was a reminder to check the background.   I will admit though that the second goat wasn't quite as accommodating, so I did snap the photos quickly and my sweetie was waiting, so I didn't take my time.
Photo 1 is the cropped version...  photo 2 is not...

goat photo 2

goat photo 1

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Bettina said...

what a pity about that fabric! it does look lovely in the pic... no way that you can iron it out a bit? not sure how rayon reacts to that though:(
and I don't care that scrunchies are out of fashion - I use them all the time! most of the elastics here have a metal bit that is quite hard on hair. I used to crochet around them, but scrunchies are so much easier. I have to exchange the elastic after a while, but that's easily done and they last for years, fully washable too! good thing that I am past the age of being terribly concerned about fashionable or not:)