Monday, 20 February 2017

Kitchen Sink and Syrup

I've started with the sett samples.   I've been able to overlap the setts - this one is 10 epi for both the tabby and the twill, and eliminate some of the yarn wasted in retying the ends to the front apron rod, for at least one of the samples.  These are the first two of the six required.  

The yarn really bloomed when it was wet finished.  Not only is it really soft but it has a lot of elasticity.  I spun it with a short forward draw from sliver, so it should be pretty much a worsted yarn.   However, with the amount it bloomed and the elasticity, I'm wondering if my Blue Faced Leicester sliver was mislabeled and might actually be Merino.

My sweetie installed the sink cabinet and the new sink yesterday.   He says that it took much longer than it should have due to a compression fitting that didn't want to work.   It was new and he spent so much time trying to get it to work that I almost laughed when he finally went into town, purchased a new one and just a few minutes after he got back home, he declared the project finished.  

It won't actually be permanently installed until we get counter tops though.  I'm hoping that at least there will be a piece of plywood or old counter top over the dishwasher and the cupboard on the other side, because it's pretty inconvenient as it is right now.  While I'd love quartz counters, they aren't in the budget.   So instead we're trying to decide between laminate, butcher block or wide plank counters.  

There was enough sap in the buckets to start boiling this morning.   Once again my sweetie set up this old Scandia stove as a windbreak.   We found the stove in the basement when we moved in.   It was held together with small pins in the corners, so to move it out, he just had to unhook the pieces.   It has side and front doors which latch and he's using the top, with the chimney connection as the back.  He can feed wood from three sides!    This stove is from Australia of all places, where they still make rather interesting stoves. Even though this stove is ancient, it still boggles my mind to think that someone would import a cast iron stove from the other side of the planet!

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