Saturday, 18 February 2017

Middle of Feb. Anomalies

This is 545 yards of 2 ply Blue Faced Leicester, spun with a short forward draw.   I didn't post any update photos because one bobbin of white yarn looks like any other bobbin of white yarn.   I'm still spinning to get a bit more done, but I think that if I go with small sizes, I have enough spun to use for sett samples.   I left the loom waste on the loom from the last samples.   There are 110 epi, so if I tie on the new warp and don't worry about the width, I can make it work.   Samples will be about 6 inches, so I'm hoping that will be large enough.  

It took me a good number of hours to spin this boring white yarn.  It is a nice white, but I've been tempted to do some sort of wild dyeing experiment on it, just to liven it up.  It's take so long to spin though, that I'm ready to put it on the loom and weave it off.

The weather has been crazy weird this winter.   We had a ton of snow and frigid weather early on, but January and February have vascillated dramatically between snowy and cold or mild and rain.   However, the past few days have been both sunny and mild.   Any sunshine this time of year is glorious, but usually our sunshine comes with really, really cold weather.   We're having a weird mild spell though, which is also coming with lots of sunshine.  It is wonderful.  Today was so nice that I was able to hang my laundry out.   I don't think I've ever hung it out in the middle of February before.   My sheets smell like the outside...crisp and clean ;)

It's a little early for the spiles and sap buckets to be on the Maple trees, but the forecast shows a week of this mild weather.   The sap is definitely running already.   We put out a few buckets to to start on this years syrup.   Even when the weather turns cold, we'll just leave the buckets up and we can start collecting sap again when the real spring starts the sap running again.   We didn't put as many buckets out as we normally do, so we could add a few more later in the season.

Well back to the boring white fibre, and the short forward draw, which takes me forever, but does make a nice weaving yarn.

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