Friday, 12 May 2017

A Woolly Week

 I found 2 little bags of  Corriedale leftover from level 6 Master Spinner.   It's got just the right amount of grease and absolutely no VM.  It took no time at all to wash up.  I washed one bit up just loose and it took only 2 washes and rinses to get it spectacularly clean.  To wash the second bit, I separated the individual locks and put them into my little screen envelopes.   It took a third rinse to get these clean.  They are super white and absolutely gorgeous.   As there isn't very much of it, I'm thinking I should blend it with something else.   Sometimes washing fleece can bet a bit tedious, especially if there is a humongous amount of it.  With these two little baggies, it was super fast and fun.   Now to decide what to do with it.

All the Blue Faced Leicester has been spun and plied.  There are a few grams left that I will put towards another project, but for the most part, the whole bag is spun into 3 large skeins.  One skein has 432 yards but I haven't counted the other 2 skeins, which look to be slightly smaller.  I think I will wind a bunch of 10 yard skeins to use for a nature dyeing class that I'm giving next weekend.  

 I look for something pretty to spin, which wasn't white and wasn't Ramie or silk.   I found this bit of Blue Faced Leicester that I'd dyed a while ago, during that horribly cold winter, when it never warmed up for months.   I named the colourway Polar Vortex when I'd dyed it.   Now I'm spinning it up.   I wasn't sure what I was going to use it for though, so I'm spinning it fairly fine and then can use it for socks or for weaving.

There is nothing on the loom right now.   I wish there were, but soon I hope.   The sheet of formica that was in front of my warping board has now been applied to countertops - yay!   Said counters should be ready to install this weekend - Happy Mother's Day to me or by next at the latest.  

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Woolly Bits said...

is it finishing week?:) I just finished my 1 kg of grey "polar fox" (no fox involved, it's actually some icelandic top I bought in Germany)- a simple finer 2ply, nothing spectecular, but enough for a larger project. now what to put on the wheel? I also bought 1 kg of a bfl-silk blend - but it's white! too boring to spin such a large amount just now... and because I don't have a project in mind, I don't want to dye it willy-nilly! maybe I better go for the teeswater top I recently dyed with ivy berries? two greyish tones, one light, one darker... def. no sweater material, but rather good for lace knitting? decisions, decisions... and happy spinnning to you:) (and happy mother's day - it's much earlier in ireland, but the same in germany...)