Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Kates and Shuttles

My very handy when he wants to be hubby built me this marvelous tensioned lazy kate. Both my wheels have onboard lazy kates, although the Kromski one is described as bobbin storage in one place. It rather works that way, as storage I mean as it is a bit too rattlely and loose for my preferences in a lazy kate. So I asked hubby and he made up a quick one which works marvelously. The uprights are brass and removeable for storage or travelling. The tensioning device is simply two pegs and some string, which works well for it's simplicity. He thinks we should put a yarn guide on it as he feels it would make it quieter still. All I need to do is stain it and toss a coat of tung oil on it, but of course I had to try it out first.

On the weekend we went out to a local antique warehouse place looking for ideas for kitchen shelving. We found none, but instead I did find a few goodies to add to my collection. The small shuttle and the two spools were the bargain of the day in my eyes. The two larger shuttles were found at a flea market last fall for the grand price of $2 each! I've a bouquet of old pirns ( hey, they were 3 for $1, how could I resist!) as well. Now to figure out a neat way to display them.
Sigh, I love old things, old wood and paper-thin porcelain china, especially Lusterware. I guess that is the bit of magpie in me.

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Karen said...

Heya, my hubby made me a lazy kate just like that this week too! Great minds think alike.....

Cheers, Karen