Friday, 15 February 2008

TA DA! Blackwork Shirt done....

The shirt is finished. It turned out well for a new pattern draft. I had to remove the sleeves and shorten them and shifted the neck gusset after a chat with the friend who designed this draft.
The shirt is lovely. I thought it was perfect, but when it was tried on, I thought it might be a tad small. Movement isn't hindered at all with this one, but it looks just a tad "off" in some way. After much consideration and after I'd already emailed my friend to say it was perfect, we decided that it needed to be a tad larger in several areas, for the recipient's comfort level. I know the sleeve width was an issue, but in the end, I will add a few more inches in the body width for the next shirt and then this one will get handed on to the skinnier, younger generation fencer in my family. He tried it on and it fit him perfectly. It looked like I had made it for him.
Regardless, it is a pretty snazzy shirt, though I don't think I'm going to do that dense a blackwork pattern again. It loses something in the shirt I think and the next doublet will have sleeves, which I've been told means that the shirt doesn't really need to have blackworked sleeves after all :)
The next one will be prettier I think.