Monday, 3 March 2008

Black Shetland update

The black shetland is finally spun. I'm a little sorry I plied it, as I would have had so much more wool to weave with singles, but since it was for a shawl, this will be quite perfect. I have some woad dyed skeins left from a previous project that I can use for weft if I need to. Mmmmm... black and woad blue.. diamond twill. Could be awesome!
I hurt my hand last week and it is finally starting to feel like it is healing. I wasn't able to spin for a week! Talk about pain - from not spinning, not so much the hand.. At any rate, the wool is spun, the skeins are wound into centre pull balls and ready to be wound into a warp. The problem is.. that I didn't keep track of my measurements so, although I am not sure how much yarn I actually have.
I did some experiments with a McMoran balance... cool tool.. so I know it is about 1500 yards per lb. Most of the wool I was able to keep fairly consistent and I can weigh the whole batch to get a guestimate of yardage. However, I also counted yardage on the niddy noddy - and then didn't mark it on the skeins. I ALWAYS mark my skeins with estimated yardage so I've no idea why NONE of the skeins got marked this time. General distractions in life I guess.

Please notice.. no cat this time. He was lolling around in the skeins but once they were wound into balls, he no longer cared.

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