Monday, 10 March 2008

SNOW and Fibre and frames

We had more snow this weekend. Lots and lots of snow. It was record breaking snow fall at that. It is only 11 days until spring and not likely that this lot will melt by then. Pffft I say to late winter snow falls. This is the view from my front yard. I'm standing two steps up, so looking down on the snow, so to speak.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, in a photo sized to overshadow the snow in comparison, I bring you a bobbin of blue superwash merino singles. They are waiting for me to finish the 2nd bobbin, to be plied into sock yarn. It is a little more blue in the photo than in real life, but it is a very pretty wrong blue, so I will leave it. I know, I didn't actually fill the bobbin. I was impatient and wanted to see how the plied yarn will turn out. The singles are thin and the Kromski bobbin is larger than the Ashford bobbin, so it takes longer to fill. As it was I spun for hours to get this much done.

At the end of the summer last year, at an SCA event, I watched a good gentle make a book. He was sewing the page signatures onto thin pieces of alum tawed leather, using a somewhat similar type of sewing frame. He very politely answered all of my questions and showed me details, including drawing little pictures on a scrap of paper. I got to listen several times as others wandered by and asked the same questions I had just asked, or different ones that I had been about to ask. I was quite intrigued. After getting several books for Christmas and a promise from hubby, yesterday, I received this handmade book sewing frame. Way nicer than I had asked for as I only wanted a simple one to play with. Thank you!

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