Monday, 17 March 2008

productive weekend

I got some plying done. Almost all the superwash merino is plied! Woo Hoo.. just a tiny bit left to go. I was a bit distracted by the loom, so it is waiting. The plied wool looks awesome though. It was fun to spin but by the end I was getting a bit of angst about the next project. 225 grams of wool is enough for knitting socks or something, but not enough to weave with. Of course, I may be running out of fibre anyway, at least enough for large projects - and in amounts worth dyeing with. Not quite panic time yet though..

On Sunday, I got started on warping the loom. The thread is 2/10 cotton - about 4000-4200 yards /lb. I'm going for a twill, so using a sett of 30. The width of the project requires 555 threads, plus a few extra are needed to make the pattern repeat complete. I figured it would take me several days to wind off the warp. Although it is only 5 yards long, it is still a huge number of threads.
Well, I got on a roll. The cone fit perfectly on my Lazy Kate. The winding on went perfectly. I was able to put up 100 threads at a time - I could have done more but figured 100 was a good length of time for phone and tea/bathroom breaks. I got the whole warp wound off and the reed threaded. Threading the reed went quickly. I had forgotten to load my mp3 player with Sine Mitchel podcast on weaving which, if I'd remembered, would have been a good thing to listen to while threading. Not bad for only a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Now that I have my pattern and all the math done to figure out how many heddles per shaft, I can get them threaded and I'll be good to go. That however, will take much longer. Still, I rather like dressing the loom so all is good. It is all playing with fibre.. mmmmm


Karen said...

How's warp weighted loom? Is it lonely while you play with the wheel and your other loom?

Nina said...

Warp weighted loom is getting lonely, but mainly because I've sent it to my "handy" man for some reworking. First draft wasn't quite right. Lack of a brake for one thing, too tall and bulky for another. I have requested some changes and hopefully will have it done sometime this spring. No place to put the original one right now.
How is your warp weighted loom doing? :)